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How to lose weight for your wedding

You may be recently engaged (congrats!) or your wedding day is looming and you want to look perfect for the big day. But let us tell you — a crash diet or depriving your body in any way, shape or form is not the way to go! Here’s why NOT to lose weight for your wedding…


Your fiancé loves you as you are

The love of your life either proposed or accepted your proposal, so they are more than prepared to spend the rest of their life with you and love you as you are right now. While you might feel pressure to lose a few kilos, it’s important to remember the reason you are planning a wedding is to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. The number written on the inside of your dress or suit jacket is irrelevant.


You will look hot

No matter whether it reads 6 or 26, no one is going to see the size of your dress or suit, and no doubt you’ve put some thought into choosing a dress or suit in a style and colour that matches your personality and body shape for your big day. This will make you feel super sexy when you say “I Do” and nothing screams gorgeous like glowing with confidence.


You might not fit your dream outfit

When you know you’ve found the right dress or suit, you just know. And while you think losing weight will make you look better in your outfit, that is not always the case. Not all outfits can be successfully taken in by a tailor and still maintain the cut or style that you fell in love with. Also, alterations for gowns with bead or lace embellishments can become quite expensive and might not be a cost you want to bear if you are on a tight budget.


The people who love you won’t care

You might tell yourself that you need to five kilos or 20, but let us tell you, your weight won’t bother the people who love you. There is nothing more powerful than being surrounded by the people who are most important to you.


You will minimise stress

Wedding planning can be stressful enough (we can help there!), but throw in painful calorie-counting, fad diets or depriving your body of what it needs to function, and you will discover a whole new realm of stress. This is the last thing you need when you want to enjoy your special day. While going for an extra walk here or there will help you to blow off some planning stress, there’s no need to start working out excessively every day to drop a dress size.

Classy hens night ideas

Bridal Party High Tea, Hens Parties, and Kitchen Teas

Get your hens clucking with a classy Bridal Party High Tea at Mary Eats Cake. Specialising in vintage class, Mary Eats Cake will cater to your bridal party at their tea house, or at a venue of your choice.

With a selection of savoury and sweet items, scones with jam and cream, flowers, vintage tea ware, silvery and cutlery, artisan teas, and exclusive tea rooms on-site, Mary Eats Cake has everything you need to enjoy a memorable day with your girls.

Sarah from Mary Eats Cake’s favourite items this summer are “Lavender macarons, passionfruit and white chocolate tart and berry cheesecake drizzled with black tea syrup”. Yum
Wild Heart Huntress

Flower Crown Party

Get your girls together and unhinge your creativity! Bond while learning how to build your own beautiful flower crown. Wild Heart parties will arrive at your chosen location and set up all flower crown building utensils, the tools, and of course, the flowers. A truly unique, memorable, and classy way to celebrate with your girls.


Last Hurrah Bali

Destination Hens Weekend

Why not grab your girls and jet off overseas for your last hurrah? Coincidentally named ‘Last Hurrah Bali’, they will make sure your hens weekend is truly unforgettable. With the option of customised or all-inclusive packages, tailor your weekend to suit reflect you as the bride (or Queen hen, whichever suits).

With around the clock cocktails and the option of hair, beauty, and hangover pampering, Last Hurrah Bali will fulfil all your wants and needs.

Wedding bomboniere

It was the French who began the tradition of giving gifts to guests at weddings. While it originated as boxes of sweets, most notably candied almonds, wedding bomboniere now comes in all sorts of variations that are as unique as the couple themselves.


DO: Give them something timeless

A potted flower seedling, herb, or little succulent terrarium, are great ideas for useful bomboniere that can also double as a symbol for how relationships should be nurtured in order to flourish. The best thing is, guests will remember your wedding day every time they tend to the plant or see it around their home.


DON’T: Have them just because

If you are going to all of the planning and expense of providing bomboniere for your guests, make sure it’s something they will keep and cherish. Gifts that have little thought put into them and are there “just because” will probably meet with a sad end in the bin.


DO: Gets guests to DIY wedding bomboniere

Provide a lolly or cookie jar and a selection of treats, or healthy options if you prefer, at a lolly station and let guests pick and choose their own bomboniere. This way you know they are going to enjoy them later on.


DON’T: Feel tied to your theme

You may have fallen in love with the cobalt blue and silver theme for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to match your bomboniere to that colour scheme


DO: Get personal for your wedding bomboniere

There are a lot of wonderful ideas out there if you want a personalised bomboniere. Wine or beer bottle labels, monogrammed gift bags, cookies with your names on. The sky is the limit and you can create keepsakes your guests will cherish forever.

Cinderella Proposal

Once upon a time, there existed an eligible maiden named Jacquelyn. While she ran her own children’s party business, she also adored all things Disney. And, in the past, Jacquelyn even worked for Disney in America. Read on for more of Jacquelyn’s Cinderella Proposal.

Unbeknown to Jacquelyn, on December 4th 2016, her deceitful (yet lovely and well-intentioned) mother lured Jacquelyn to the Avalon Castle in Cockatoo for a photoshoot. Donned in her grand Cinderella dress, Jacquelyn stood atop the stairs while her sister-in-law took photographs, and her mother watched on. She was given only an hour before — poof! — she returned to normal-clothes Jacquelyn.

Suddenly in the distance, before the hour was up, a group of people began making their way up the hill toward the venue. That’s when Jacquelyn recognised the people as her and her then-boyfriend Adam’s family members.

Then, noble and handsome Adam materialised from within the castle. He wore a suit and carried a tiny red box in his hands. Jacquelyn burst into tears — suddenly realising what was happening.

Meeting her at the top of the stairs, Adam fell to one knee and asked: “Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

In shock, all Jacquelyn could do was nod and cry. “Yes”.

The newly engaged couple’s relatives met them at the bottom of the stairs to cheer, offer their congratulations, and cry.

All family members were in on the surprise, of course. Adam had planned the entire thing perfectly.

The ring was entirely designed by Adam and his jeweler cousin. The ring has a cushion cut sapphire, a band of diamonds, and, on the sides, two sets of three tiny diamonds — arranged in the shape of Mickey Mouse. A proposal fit for a Princess.